Conference Appreciation Award

The Saskatchewan Association of Veterinary Technologists has an award available to acknowledge support, recognition and ongoing development of the SAVT Conference.  The successful nominee must have made a significant contribution to the continued progression and development of the annual SAVT conference and could be a current or past member of the SAVT, from industry, a place of business, etcetera. 

Nominations can be submitted by completing the nomination form below. 

The award will be presented at the November AGM and Conference Banquet program when possible.

The list of previous award recipients is below: 
2005 - VTH - WCVM Dr. Stan Rubin 
2006 - Hills - Dr. Clayton MacKay
2007 - Joanne Parnetta
2008 - Kris Reid - AV 
2009 - Dr. Jaques Messier 
2010 - Marilyn St. Marie
2011 - Georgina Knudsen/Michael Santer
2012 - Dr. Carol Poland (Hill's) 
2013 - Sandy Hass
2014 - Kenzie Makowsky 
2015 - Cindy Toy 
2016 - Glen Cartwright 
2017 - Peggy Nelles 
2018 - Jackie Elsasser
2019 - Paula Mason