Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations Committee will focus on continuing to improve the imagine of the SAVT and RVTs at public events throughout the province (WCVM VIP Day, Pets in the Park, Pet Expo, etcetera), selecting merchandise items, creating marketing items, creating and launching school packages for high schools, and organizing different booth options.

VTS/Mentorship Committee
The VTS/Mentorship Committee will continue to provide mentorship and guidance to new graduates, individuals who are preparing to write the VTNE, and RVTs who are changing jobs.  There are a few different programs that the committee will be responsible in overseeing in 2020 dedicated to the mentorship and advancement of (R)VTs and RVTs.  The committee will also continue to advance the understanding and awareness of specialties available to Registered Veterinary Technologists. 

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee is the renamed Bylaw/Policy Committee.  The Governance Committee is responsible for updating the Standard Operating Guidelines, overseeing the bylaws and policies, creating terms of references, and outlining the complaint process.

Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee is formed to provide support to the SAVT Board of Directors when required.  The Advisory Committee will be available to all SAVT Board Members to assist in situations that and instances that they are unfamiliar with and help the board make the best decision possible for the association and its members. 

Executive Interview Committee
The Executive Interview Committee is the committee that will be responsible for completing all Executive Interviews that are required for recertifications, continuing education, membership, and any other time an Executive Interview is required.   

Recruitment Committee
The Recruitment Committee is a new committee in 2020 that will focus on recruiting potential board members, creating and delivering a member survey, and recruiting nominations for annual awards. 

Awards Committee
The Awards Committee is a new committee in 2020 and their objective this year is to review and provide recommendations to the Board of Directors on the student awards, the annual awards, and potential creation of other awards within the association. 

Student Network Committee
The Student Network Committee is a new committee in 2020 and their objective this year is to create and launch a student network that focuses on the development, participation, and advancement of students in veterinary technology programs by offering scientific, professional, and networking opportunities.