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Grievance Process

The SAVT has developed a grievance process that can be used by members and the public to submit a formal grievance regarding the SAVT's Executive Director, Board of Directors, committee, or individual members of the Board of Directors or committee.  This process will assist in facilitating and ensuring governance accountability of the employees and elected officials of the SAVT.  

This grievance process is not the same as the SVMA Complaint Process.  A grievance can be submitted to the SAVT if it does not meet the requirements to submit a professional conduct complaint to the SVMA.  

You will need to print this form and complete it.  Following the completion of the form and attaching all required information the form can be sent via email to either the SAVT Executive Director (, the President of the SAVT (, the Past President ( or the President Elect ( 

Click here to access the grievance process form.