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The VTNE includes nine major areas of focus:
Pharmacy and Pharmacology- 12%
Surgical Nursing- 11%
Dentistry- 7%
Lab. Procedures- 12%
Animal care and nursing- 22%
Diagnostic imagining- 7%
Anesthesia- 16%
Emergency Medicine and Critical Care- 6%
Pain Management- 7%


Online/Mobile Apps:

VTNE Pocket Prep App (download it from the app store)

VTNE Test Prep (Free)-

Zuku Review Question of the Day (Free)-

Zuku Review Test prep ($109-169)-

Mometrix Test prep (Free)-

AAVSB Pocket Prep (Free online, mobile app)-

AAVSB Practise Test ($45 UDS)-

AAVSB Study for the VTNE

Vet Tech Prep on Facebook

Vet Med Team 

OAVT Information Click here

Dynamic Path - 50 Free Exam Questions

Practice Quiz

Also typing in Google; ``VTNE study prep`` you will find lots of useful links. These are the main ones I would focus on as they are referenced in AAVSB website as useful study guides.

Books: (Available on Amazon or bookstores)

Master the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE)